Hereward Homes is proud to be supporting the training of young pony riders who are involved with Burghley Pony Club.  The money will be used to help cover the costs of providing training sessions to young riders especially in the winter period. To find out more please read the article courtesy of The Stamford Mercury.

Patrick Campbell, Burghley Pony Club District Commissioner is thrilled with the financial support commenting “we are terribly grateful for the sponsorship Hereward Homes donated to The Burghley Pony Club to enable us to have a training session with former Olympic Medallist Diana ‘Tiny’ Clapham at a wonderful indoor venue in Arena UK. Around 21 of our members benefitted from your kind sponsorship, ranging in age from 10 to 22. It really was a session that we could not have staged due to financial considerations without your assistance, so once again a huge thank you.”